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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 4:14 pm 
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So, there i was in the globe one evening, johnny bolger sitting near me, and a rugby team necking pints of guinness.


In comes Pa O Farrell, to give myself and the bolger lad a lift to our beds

I looked at johnny, and a spark of genius took off. We sat Pa down, and johnny went over to the rugger buggers.

I told pa the background, these lads were being noisey gits, skulling pints in 10 seconds, we needed to show them something worth talking about.

So me and pa turned to face the ruggers. Johnny had skillfully negotiated the tema into purchasing the pint for Pa, and betting that he couldnt do it in under 10 seconds (10 euros, to keep it friendly)

Pint arrived, i looked at pa, "8 seconds lad, no sooner" i whispered

Pa lifted the pint, 8 seconds later he put down an empty glass.

10 euros into the pot.

"Fuck this, we have to win the money back" said one of the ruggers

"Double or nothing then" johnny said

Up stood gregory. 7.5 seconds later, he had skulled the pint. Fair play to man, he even held it down.

"Alright pa, here we go" i said to pa, and handed him the pint, "Lets make it close, say, 6 seconds"

6 tense seconds pass, empty pint glass hits the table.

Queue smug smiles on mine and johnny's faces. 30 bucks in the pot.

"Ok, lets go again, double or nothing, Charles, up you get"

Up steps a human brick wall, more akin to a water buffalo than a human being. He grunts "pint"

A pint arrives. 4.8 (i think) seconds later, one empty pint glass is produced

I look at johnny, 60 yo yo's on the line here. I look at Pa, a slight glazing of the eyes taking place, but otherwise grand. I look back at johnny, and nod.

The ruggers purchase another pint. Hand it to Pa. 4.3 seconds later teh empty glass hits the table

Theres a stunned awe on the ruggers. they are down €100, and this small little runt has drank their stars under the table.

"We have to see that again"

"Fair enough, two rounds of drinks for us so"


I turn to pa, "Put this one out of the park lad"

Pint arrives. 2.2 seconds later, an empty glass hits the table.

The crowd goes wild, half an hour later the pints hit pa. Fun had by all

Free night out for me and johnny and pa, plus pa didnt know about the bets so it got divided two ways!!! sweet

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